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Why Might You Need Our Professional Help Writing the Best Medical School Personal Statement?

gifted applicantIt will take having the best medical school personal statement if you want to stand out from all the other applicants. While having a high GPA or scoring high on your MCAT all go towards fulfilling the minimum criteria necessary to apply in the first place, your medical school application personal statement is the only document that separates you from the other applicants and allows a review board to see if you are suitable for them. Many gifted applicants often fail at this, relying instead on their academic record to carry them through and when compared against the hundreds or thousands of others all competing for the same place, more often than not always end up being overlooked. An admissions review board is looking for creative medical school personal statements that separate those with passion who really want to follow a career in medicine, not just someone who thinks being a doctor comes with a good salary.

To achieve a perfect personal statement for medical school requires being able to delve deep within yourself and show a review board that you have the dedication to succeed where others might fail by being both animated and descriptive in your writing, a task that can be difficult for even a seasoned writer to get right. This is why so many people look for a professional personal statement help medicine writing service like ours to help them produce the best medical school personal statement. We can supply you with an expert who can help you to tie in your excellent BMAT score and show a high level of dedication in wanting to succeed. Through their expert guidance and understanding of what a review board will expect, they can help shape the best-med school personal statements with you that will push you into the spotlight giving the best chance possible of being called for an interview.

Why It’s Important to Have the Best Medical School Personal Statement?

We have produced the following list in order to show you just how tough it can be getting on the most popular programs listed next to the universities that host them. Pay particular attention the acceptance rates and you will get an idea of just how many people fail to get on their first choice programs and it may also help you to understand why having the best medical school personal statement is so crucial to getting noticed:

University of Washington – primary care

  • Average MCAT score: 31
  • Acceptance rate: 4.9%

University of California at San Francisco – pediatrics

  • Average MCAT score: 35
  • Acceptance rate: 3.7%

University of Colorado at Denver – internal medicine

  • Average MCAT score: 32
  • Acceptance rate: 5.2%

Oregon Health and Science University – obstetrics/gynecology

  • Average MCAT score: 32
  • Acceptance rate: 4%

University of Rochester – Neurobiology

  • Average MCAT score: 33
  • Acceptance rate: 4.9%

We Employ Only the Best to Help You Produce a Good Medical School Personal Statement

Ur experts completely understand that to have the strongest application possible outside of any school references requires having the best med school personal statements to back it up. Unlike many of our competitors who use a preformatted template to create their work, our experts will help you to create the best medical school personal statement from scratch, incorporating all your details in a way that flows smoothly and will be a pleasure for anyone to read.

By selecting our personal statement help, medicine applications become so much stronger through professional writers who:

  • Are postgraduate degree holders in a field which is aligned to your application
  • Have been assisting students successfully for many years writing medicine personal statement
  • Are completely native English speakers that understand all academic writing regulations
  • Can help you build a personal statement which can improve your interview performance by focusing on specific points and going into more detail with them

Benefits of Having Our Experts Assist You Writing a Great Personal Statement Medical School

BMAT scoreHaving a successful medical school personal statement is crucial if you want to be singled out from the many other applicants who are also trying to get the same place as you. While high grades and test scores will make a difference to your overall application, it will all come down to just how well you are perceived as an individual through having the best medical school personal statement. Our professional writers have many years of experience in assisting students to overcome their writing difficulties and have helped many to successfully win their desired place at all the top colleges around the world.

By letting our experts assist you to create a good internal medicine personal statement, you will also get:

  • A fully confidential service that is always available around the clock to give you the highest level of assistance whenever you need it
  • Easy access to our friendly customer support through our toll-free number or instant messaging
  • Competitive pricing to suit even the tightest of budgets with flexible discounts given to our valued clients
  • World-renowned writers with a proven track record who will stay in constant communication with you through every step of the process
  • Strict attention paid to any deadline given to you for completion of the work, this is also included in our rush order service
  • Your money returned promptly if we are unable to meet your needs

For the best medical school personal statement that will propel you into the spotlight and get the review boards attention, just get in touch with us now!