Medical Residency Personal Statements

Why Would You Need Our Help to Create a Medical Residency Personal Statement?

family medicine residency personal statementApplying to get a place on a med schools residency program can often be quite a stressful and arduous task with many stages that need to be completed to ensuring you meet the requirements. Not least among the many documents that you will also need to supply will be a medical residency personal statement which will have to be an outstanding representation of your character and traits if you want to stand out from the many others who will be applying. You will need to spend some time to plan out what you want to say with your medical fellowship personal statements and ensure it is delivered in a sincere manner that shows a deep-seated desire of caring for patients and show that you are mature enough to do well in their internship.

The level of work which you will face as a PGY-1 (postgraduate 1st year) is a lot for many students to bear and a review board will also use your personal statement medical residency to determine if your level of writing has matured enough to match what will be needed to be successful. This includes delivering writing which completely errors free and easy to follow and shows that you are clearly able to follow instructions by sticking to word limits or answering a specific question. This is a failing point of many students which is why so many use professional services such as ours to help them achieve a perfect personal statement for internal medicine residency application. Our professional medical residency personal statement writers can help guide your thoughts to find the right balance of information to use, pinpoint exactly where it all started and aid in improving writing skills to a higher level so that you can deliver an application that will get noticed for all the right reasons.

Food for Thought Which May Inspire You to Produce a Winning Medical Residency Personal Statement

Competition for medical residencies is at an all-time high at present with many students all wishing to get a place on the best programs being offered. Your personal statement will be the deciding factor with this but just to give you a taste of what you’re up against; our experts have produced some facts to inspire you.

The figures listed are totals for the institution but gives an idea of what you’re up against:

Johns Hopkins University Internal medicine

  • Applied: 25,474
  • Accepted: 3,597
  • Acceptance rate: 14%
  • Enrolled: 1,368

Harvard Pediatrics

  • Applied: 37,307
  • Accepted: 2,080
  • Acceptance rate: 6%

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Applied: 11,523
  • Accepted: 2,166
  • Acceptance rate: 18.8%

Drexel University College of Medicine

  • Applicants: 12,690
  • Enrollment: 1,080
  • Enrollment rate: 8.5%

Boston University primary care

  • Applicants: 11,780
  • Enrollment: 730
  • Enrollment rate: 6.2%

What Our Medical Residency Personal Statement Services Can Do for You

Making sure your internal medicine residency personal statement is completed to the highest standard and is totally error-free is vital to ensuring you make a positive impact on the admissions review board members.

While our experts are always on hand ready to assist you with this, we can also provide many other services that ensure your subspecialty internal medicine residency essay is completed to perfection:

rewrite problem sentencesGiving your personal statement a thorough edit once the writing has finished is crucial to making sure that it reads easily and is laid out to the specified requirements. Our experts will take your personal statement for internal medicine residency and make sure that the information is delivered using the best choice of words, rewriting problem sentences and fixing overly long paragraphs so that it flows much smoother, making it a pleasure to read.

prescribed rulesA personal statement is also subject to certain academic rules which govern how it is presented. This includes the layout and structure as well as the overall presentation which will need to follow the prescribed rules of the institution you are applying to. Our professional editors can guide you through this process and help you understand the differences with APA and MLA formats and give you a walkthrough of the technicalities that are involved with a presentation.

high standardProofreading is the vital last step that guarantees there are no mistakes with punctuation, grammar, and spelling. At this stage in your education, you should be looking to prove that you are capable of producing academic work to a high standard free of these errors and a review board will judge you on your efforts. Our professional team of proofreaders can take any document you provide us with and quickly turn it around free from absolutely all errors.

Professional Tips to Help You through Our Medical School Application Personal Statement Examples

There are many sources of information available on the internet to help with your emergency medicine residency application and many personal statement samples to guide your writing. However, you must always be careful when using any medical school application personal statement examples and make sure not to copy directly from them.

Your personal statement needs to contain only information about you and to help get you started; our experts have provided the following tips:

instructions Make sure you read their instructions carefully before you sit down and do any writing. Preformat a blank document to their specifications, font type and size, margin areas and line spacing. Take note of any specific questions they want answers to and pay attention to any word limits that have been imposed.

career in medicinePlan out what information you want to get across making sure you include how you were first inspired to want a career in medicine. List your goals, ambitions, any lectures and conferences you have attended and where you see yourself 10 years from now. Think about what makes you a suitable for their program, what you can offer and what makes you different to others.

research on the collegeDo some research on the college you’re applying to. This shows a review board that you are serious about your intentions of wanting to study with them. Include things like why you want to study under a certain professor or that Stanford’s research facilities are the best by far because.

preceding informationTaking all the preceding information into consideration, work on a draft which puts all these points into a chronological order. Don’t use complicated wording and keep your paragraphs short. Use transitional words between each paragraph to make it flow much smoother and is easier for anyone reading it to digest.

first draftAfter finishing the first draft, you will want to review it many times to ensure that you have included all the information you want a review board to know about you. This may require rewriting it many times over until you are happy with the end result but remember that your perseverance with the task will pay off in the long run. When you are happy, carefully edit and proofread to remove all errors.

Yvette Perry at the University Of Toledo College of medicine and life sciences explains:

“With your residency personal statement, you are advertising your passion, skills, experience, future plans, etc. as they relate to training as a resident in surgery or in internal medicine or in pediatrics or in dermatology–whichever specialty you are applying to. Program Directors are not looking to hire applicants who will make good medical students–They are looking to hire junior colleagues who have what it takes to become professionals in a specific field within medicine”.

Benefits of Letting Our Experts Help with Your Personal Statement for Residency Internal Medicine

By letting our experts assist you to create an outstanding family medicine residency personal statement; you give yourself the best chance of being selected to attend an interview. Our professional writers will use their many years of experience of successfully helping students get their first choice program and will use every ounce of their knowledge to ensure that you end up with a vastly improved knowledge of the procedures that go into creating a medical residency personal statement that gets the best results.

For medical residency personal statement assistance which is the best, you will find anywhere online simply get in touch with our experts right now!