Medical School Personal Statements

Why Might You Need Our Help Producing Outstanding Medical School Personal Statements?

medical school application helpGetting into med school is a dream for many people and while they may do well with their studies and have outstanding test scores, they often let themselves down by writing a medical residency personal statement which barely gives an account of who they really are. Admissions review board members will be looking for medical school a personal statement that forces them to pay attention to the text, to want to carry on reading to find out more about the applicant rather than boring monotonous words that only reflect on how you meet the admissions requirements. They want creativeness that shows how you were inspired to follow medicine combined with a level of maturity which helps them see that you can rise above any challenges to succeed in their program.

Writing a personal statement for med school is a serious challenge that you need to have completely perfected if you hope to be selected and is the main reason why so many people seek out professional services like ours to help them. Our medical school application personal statement writing services can supply you with an experienced writer to guide you in this process, to help you create a document that is easy to be read by placing everything in a logical sequence so that your story unfolds with a natural progression. By letting our experts help you, your application to medical school will become that much stronger and give anyone reading through it a much more in-depth view of the person, helping them to get a much brighter picture of you.

How Our Experts Can Assist with Your Medical School Application Essays

By using our professional services, you will find out there is so much more we can offer you other than providing an expert to assist with your writing. We cater to all stages of creating a successful personal statement which includes:

Having your writing thoroughly checked through by our medical school personal statement editing services will ensure that even the smallest of errors doesn’t go unnoticed. Our professional editors will make sure that the correct one has been used throughout, that there are no complicated words that will trip the tongue and that the end result is a smooth flowing essay that is a real pleasure to read.

Also included at the editing stage, our experts will ensure that your personal statement follows the correct format as instructed by your institution. From using the correct layout, margin areas and line spacing to using the correct ‘house style’; MLA, CMS etc. you will be guided in the correct procedures that a review board will expect to see.

Why Is Writing the Best Medical School Personal Statement So Important?

Every program on offer by the various medical schools around the country fiercely contend and to stand any chance of getting on one, you will need to impress a review board so that they are positively sure you are the most suitable candidate for them. To give you some idea of just how low acceptance rates are at the top performing medical colleges, we have included some stats that will hopefully get you thinking more positively:

George Washington University

  • Applicants: 14,700
  • Enrollment: 716
  • Enrollment rate: 4.87%

Drexel University College of Medicine

  • Applicants: 12,690
  • Enrollment: 1,080
  • Enrollment rate: 8.5%

Boston University

  • Applicants: 11,780
  • Enrollment: 730
  • Enrollment rate: 6.2%

Georgetown University

  • Applicants: 11,733
  • Enrollment: 805
  • Enrollment rate: 6.8%

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Applicants: 11,523
  • Enrollment: 2,166
  • Enrollment rate: 18.8%

Professional Personal Statement Medical School Tips to Get You Started

Our experts completely understand how hard the process is to write medical school personal statements which get a review board member excited enough to want to get to know an individual better.

To help you get started on the process, they have included some professional tips for med school personal statement writing which can produce some excellent results:

Before you can do anything, you first need to know if there are any set questions which an admissions review board want answers to. Read through the application pack carefully to find out as this will guide your whole thinking process. While you’re at it, see if they have given instructions on the length of med school personal statement they want you to write.

Word limits are often given and along with any instructions for font and margin areas, they should always be strictly adhered to:

brainstorm areasBrainstorm areas from your past which inspired you to want a career in medicine and how you have followed it so far with any extracurricular projects and volunteer work.

descriptive wordingTry to use descriptive wording but don’t over complicate it. If it requires a dictionary to decipher your message, a review board will simply give up trying to read it and move on to the next one.

personal statement focusDon’t include clichés or overused superlatives. These can often put people off reading further and besides, your personal statement should focus only on you.

check your writingThoroughly check your writing for even the smallest of errors. You will want to do this many times and even ask a friend to do it also just to be sure there are no mistakes. Check for any problems with your writing by reading out loud to yourself, if you stumble on a certain area then you know it needs reviewing.

Former Yale President Kingman Brewster once wrote that:

“selecting future Yale students was a combination of looking for those who would make the most of the extraordinary resources assembled here, those with a zest to stretch the limits of their talents, and those with an outstanding public motivation. We have to make the crunchy judgment as to whether or not with Yale’s help the candidate is likely to be a leader in whatever he [or she] ends up doing”.

Let Our Experts Help with Your Medical School Personal Statements

Our medical school application help is carried out by experts who have many years of experience with the process. They will tirelessly work with you to ensure your personal statement contains all the necessary information that will propel you into the spotlight. With an extremely high success rate in assisting a vast number of students gain entry into their preferred program, you can be sure that you are in the most capable hands which will help guide yours to the successful completion of your finest writing.

For medical school personal statements that will leave you completely amazed at their intensity and attention to detail, just get in touch with our friendly support staff now!