Nursing Personal Statement: 7 Steps to Perfection

Why Might You Need Some Professional Help with Your Nursing Personal Statement?

nursing personal statementSimilar to a cardiology personal statement, when preparing your application for a nursing program, you will need to write an application essay which focuses primarily on convincing a review board that you have a deep-seated passion for wanting to care for others. Your nursing personal statement should give them an insight to your strength of character, a commitment to following mental health for example which has grown over the years and most importantly; you are by far the most suitable candidate by making it a unique interpretation of your life story which they are then able to easily follow.

Getting all this information down on paper though is often much easier said than done. Tell a person to write an essay on the rise of the Roman Empire, with a little research there isn’t any problem. Ask them to produce an essay about themselves and almost all will start to panic not having the first clue where to start. By understanding that your personal statement for nursing school should be a collection of everything that has pushed you forward in your quest to follow a career as a nurse, you will find out the process of planning it out so much easier. That’s why you will think about a quality assistance with writing the best personal statement for internal medicine residency. Because creative medical school personal statement is not really easy to do.

Expert Help from Nursing Personal Statement Examples

There are many ways in which to get an insight into producing the best personal statements for internal medicine residency and other branches such as nursing which can point you in the right direction. Our nursing personal statement samples, for example, have been successfully aiding many students over the last 5 years get their dream placement. The only drawback to using the many samples and examples that can be found however is that they are only a guide to inspire your own thoughts, copying directly from them should never be undertaken as it then becomes someone else’s story and not your own. A review board wants only to know about what makes you tick, your development and progression through the academic world.

Why Is Having the Perfect Personal Statement Nursing Considered Vital?

child nursingWith numbers increasing every year, nursing programs are now at the point where they have become very competitive to get a placement on. Even international schools which have always been considered a safe bet for enrollment, especially for the minority sex (men) are now screening all applicants carefully. To be absolutely certain of having the strongest application, an outstanding nursing school personal statement will be crucial in convincing a review board that you’re better than the others, even if your grades are a little weaker.

To show you just how important your nursing personal statement essay is, we have collected data from the leading schools around the world just to give you an idea:

Universit Total applicants Enrolled Min SAT Min ACT % Female
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing– United States 759 405 1450 31 90
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing– United States 790 289 1360 32 89
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto– Canada 733 180 1100 24 75
University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing– Canada 30,189 88
King’s College London Florence Nightingale faculty of nursing– the United Kingdom 23,780 1380 28 90

More often than not, all that is needed to get your creative juices flowing is a gentle push in the right direction. Personal statement examples nursing will let you see what another person has included about themselves, but it won’t show how their thoughts were kick-started in the first place.

The range of nursing personal statement tips that our experts have supplied below will help you focus your thoughts on what a review board expects from a dedicated essay to specialize as a nurse:

  • Always at the top of the list, check what is required of you. Some programs will ask a specific question that needs answering like ‘how do nurses provide critical services’ or ‘why do you want to be involved with disability nursing’ if that is the specialty program you’re applying to. This is also where you should check to see if any particular format should be followed or a word limit imposed.
  • Before you pick up your pen to start writing so to speak, first plan out what you want your nursing personal statement to tell a review board. You should keep the topic firmly aimed towards nursing by focusing on areas such as why you were inspired in the first place for a career in midwifery. Have you given birth yourself or witnessed the miracle in a documentary.
  • If you’re looking to specialize in child nursing, including why it is so important to you. does being around children make you a happier person or is it that it breaks your heart to see them in pain.
  • Offer up any practical experience you already have. This could be part of a community-led program or work as a volunteer auxiliary at the local hospital. Review boards love to see information like this that centers on helping in the community.
  • Show passion in your writing and use a descriptive vocabulary that accentuates every point. Don’t use overly long or complicated words that have no place in everyday use. Make your writing a natural extension of your spoken word.
  • Include that you understand the demands that will be placed on you as a nurse and show that you are a strong person who is able to overcome anything thrown at you.
  • Even when you have finished writing, keep checking through what you have written and see if there is anything else which needs including or if something should be expanded on. Check through your nursing personal statement extremely thoroughly many times over fixing any spelling or grammar mistakes; nothing will succeed in getting a negative decision more than silly writing errors.

Faculty at the Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences tell us:

“Generic descriptors, such as “caring,” “compassionate,” “people person,” and “unique,” have been so often overused that they no longer carry much weight with an admissions committee. They also don’t address your personal experience in the nursing sphere. Try not to start your story with phrases like “for as long as I can remember” or your audience may stop reading.”

Our Experts Can Help You Create a Winning Nursing Personal Statement

Creating a nursing personal statement which propels you into the spotlight takes a focused mind and dedicated time to get it done right. Having both is a luxury that many people don’t always have but there is help always available when needed. Our professional nursing personal statement writers can help guide your writing and aid you to brainstorm essential information that will aid in developing your story. They will use their many years of experience to ensure that your nursing personal statement is an outstanding example and will get the attention of anyone who reads it.

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Nursing Personal Statement: 7 Steps to Perfection