How to Write a Medicine Personal Statement for Cambridge

Are you interested in applying to Cambridge University? If you are, there are a lot of factors that you must take into account and one of which is your medicine personal statement Cambridge. Medical school application personal statement is definitely one of the requirements that you have to prepare for but you must also first know the entire admission process of the school before you start writing.

Visiting Cambridge’s website is a great way to state. The site displays how the school processes all of the applications for their medicine course. And this includes the requirements that you have to prepare for.

Cambridge Medical School Requirements

Medical school is definitely competitive by nature. You need to be prepared for battle if you really want to win the right to join the medical course of Cambridge. This is one of the reasons why Cambridge personal statement advice is incredibly important. To start off though, you can first focus on the following requirements.

The first thing you need to know is that the graduate course in Cambridge is too competitive to the point that it is only open for EU and UK applicants. If you are, then you can go on and continue with the requirements that you have to consider.

Pre-Medical Requirements

Studying medicine in Cambridge would first require you to have the following:

  • GCSE Requirement Grade. If you are wondering what grades do you need to study medicine at Cambridge, you will be required at least C for your GCSE Mathematics and English language.
  • AS and A-level requirement. It is important to have A-level in Chemistry and also in the following subjects:
    • Biology/Human Biology;
    • Physics;
    • Mathematics.
  • Degree requirement. You need to have at least upper-second class honors in any degree you’ve chosen to take.
  • International Baccalaureate. Candidates are required to apply to International Baccalaureate and they should be at grade 4 for Individual Middle Years Program.

For those who have taken the test outside the country, you would need to have grades equivalent to these required grades. However, you will not be required to take BMAT test for the graduate course in Medicine.

Having work experience in the healthcare or medical field is a guaranteed plus in the entire application process. Whether you work as a volunteer or paid employee, your performance in the said experience can serve as a great reference for your future hands-on activities in the school, if you are able to be admitted to Cambridge. For the admission assessment and interviewing decisions, everything will be concluded by a panel of professionals in the field.

medicine personal statement cambridge professional helpDetails That Can Help You in Writing Your Medicine Personal Statement for Cambridge

If you don’t know how to write a personal statement for UCAS, you might have a problem in the application process. Personal statements are very important in showcasing your credibility and skills. In fact, it can be considered as the most difficult part since you would need to be able to show your strengths without having to sound too haughty and boastful. In fact, some people can choose to avail of medicine personal statement help just to get it over with.

If you want to make it more personal and do it yourself, there are several guidelines that you can follow in order to make it a smooth ride:

1. The first step is to make a list of everything that can be included in your personal statement;
2. Studying medicine is not just like studying in any courses. And while it may seem tempting to boast about everything you excel and be unique and distinctive, this is actually a bad idea. What you must do is to write something similar to other personal statements by only better. Focus on the facts that are not reflected in your grades or scores;
3. It is true that tutors in Cambridge have their own respective considerations when it comes to personal statement. You can look for Cambridge personal statement example in order to have an idea on how to start writing your own personal statement. Researching about the tutors can provide you an idea of what you can consider writing about in order to keep them on your side.
4. In general though, what you can do is to show your commitment and passion to Medicine. Of course, you need to be really interested in the course in the first place in order to make this possible. To play safe, you can also focus on your work experience related to the medical field.
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Dos and Don’ts in Cambridge Personal Statement Writing

In writing your medical school application personal statement, there are several dos and don’ts that you need to be familiar with:


  • Make sure to research about the school and their entire application process, especially their requirements for their personal statement;
  • Keep your personal statement short, simple, and straight to the point;
  • Go for your strengths and specializations;
  • Make a list first on what to write because you make your medicine personal statement Oxford draft;
  • Proofread and edit your personal statement more than once.


  • Don’t settle for fake modesty and humility;
  • Never rant and ramble on your personal statement;
  • Do not include fake details and information about yourself;
  • Do not go for the course if you are not passionate about it in the first place, it will definitely show in your personal statement.

Writing a personal statement can definitely be a difficult task to handle. The great thing is that there are companies willing to take the burden off your shoulders. You can have them write your entire personal statement from the very start or if you already started your draft, you can ask for the help of these professionals to continue what you started. If you insist on writing your personal statement, you can just have them edit or proofread your work before you submit it. This will ensure that what you have is of high quality and can take you to your dream school.

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How to Write a Medicine Personal Statement for Cambridge