How to Write a Medicine Personal Statement for Oxford

Getting into Oxford takes a lot more than just sending your application form and sitting on your examination. You need to be more focused and detailed in the entire application process, from the requirements to the medicine personal statement Oxford. While collating the necessary documents is easier, writing a personal statement can be incredibly hard. This is why medicine personal statement is necessary most of the time. In order to make it more efficient for you, you can start with the basic requirements that can easily be collected and processed.

Oxford Medical School Requirements to Consider

When it comes to Oxford medical school, there are several qualifications and requirements that you would have to take into account, including the following:

  • A-levels. You should at least have a grade of A in both Chemistry subjects and at least 1 in Mathematics, Physics, or Biology. Candidates must have three A-level subjects, besides critical thinking and general studies, in 1 academic year. Passing all practical component forms is also one of the required achievements for candidates.
  • Age Requirement of 18 years old. Candidates must at least be 18 years old in order to qualify for the course.
  • Biomedical Admissions Test. One of the requirements that candidates must not forget is taking your BMAT or BioMedical Admissions Test. This test can be taken in a registered center or your own school or college clinic. Be wary of the last day of submitting BMAT entries, which is normally every October 15.
  • Health and fitness to practice. It is necessary and required for BMBCh majors to be guaranteed to have perfect physical health, especially since there is the need to cope with emotional pressures in the practice.
  • Selection criteria. There are several criteria that are taken into consideration, which can even include your extracurricular activities. But two of the general criteria that must be considered are your personal characteristics and academic potential. This includes the following characteristics:
    • Personal Characteristics
      • Empathy;
      • Motivation;
      • Communication;
      • Honesty and integrity;
      • Ethical awareness;
      • Ability to work with others;
      • Capacity to sustain intense work.
    • Academic Potential
      • Problem-solving skills (critical thinking and analytical approach);
      • Intellectual curiosity (keenness to understand, depth, curiosity and enthusiasm in Science, and tendency to look for purpose);
      • Communication skills.

While these may be the most basic requirements, there can be additional requirements for the following applicants:

  • Graduate applicants;
  • Mature applicants;
  • International applicants.

How to Write Personal Statement for Oxford

How to write a personal statement for medical school is an important skill that you need master when it comes to applying to a medical school. Schools like Oxford can be challenging because personal statements are not just simple essays. These statements are your tickets to be able to enter the school you’ve always dreamed of attending. This is the reason why you must be able to write the perfect essay and get medicine personal statement help.

Personal statements can be considered the most important among the Oxford university medical school entry requirements. This is the chance for you to show your strengths and boast about your achievements. While some people may be pressured into writing a personal statement for Oxford, the trick is to think otherwise and be more comfortable with how you present yourself. Your medicine personal statement is just one of the sources that the school would use in drawing their own perspective and image about yours.

Other sources include the following:

  • Academic record;
  • Predicted A-level grades;
  • Teachers reference;
  • Score of your Admission Test;
  • Oxford Medicine interview.

But the great thing about personal statements though is that it is a chance to redeem yourself, especially if you are coming a bit short on your grades and scores. The personal statement can serve as your saving glory and you can also provide an explanation on how your scores and grades got the way that they are.

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Writing your personal statement for Oxford University is the same with writing UCAS medicine personal statement or medicine personal statement Cambridge. The key is to know what the school and professors at the university are expecting and looking out for.

Some of the topic and ideas you can include are:

  • Passion in the subject and course;
  • Past experience in dealing with the course;
  • Important extracurricular activities related to the course.

Make sure to write these details in a seamless manner and without having to appear like you are presenting a checklist. Make sure to write the main strands of your strengths.

Dos and Don’ts in Writing Your Oxford Personal Statement

Now that you know the basic on personal statements, the next step is to figure out how to start a personal statement for medical school. The first thing you need to do is to consider the school and what they are expecting from you. From there, make a list of the topics that you can consider in your personal statement.

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All individual merits are considered in the application process. While you may have awesome grades, your personal statement is just as important. It is in this essay that the school will be able to figure out how you are as a person, as a student, and a future medical professional.

In writing your Oxford personal statement, the following are the dos and don’ts that can guide you:


  • Make sure to apply for a course that you are interested in;
  • Show your true self and include your interests;
  • Showcase your strengths and don’t waste the opportunity with fake modesty;
  • Make sure to review and proofread your personal statement after reading it again and again;
  • Read the school’s guidelines and requirements for personal statements.


  • Never try to make anything up;
  • Write your own personal statement and don’t copy other personal statements;
  • Don’t include items that can already be found in your other requirements like your grades or scores;
  • Stay simple and avoid drama in your personal statement.

Are you finding it difficult to write your medicine personal statement Oxford? Call us today and rest assured we can help you!

How to Write a Medicine Personal Statement for Oxford